Boho summer Black & White party outfit


I am still on my holiday boho vibe mode, dreaming about Bali second home. I think my subconscious is used to spend summers in Bali now so I have some sort of Bali craving recently, compensating with a part-time beach life in the beach house.

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Denim & lace shorts boho chic outfit


Hi lovelies, I promised to post boho outfits inspirations. I shot some pictures around the denim & lace shorts,  I got this one from a Balinese stylish brand called Etnika Store, where I also bought the fringe bag featured on this outfit, they do amazing sioux inspired collars and headdresses.

This look is perfect for a vacation to turn a daywear casual piece like a denim shorts into a more dressy outfit, for an island dinner date or a beach party.

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Rattan & blue: living room beach house makeover

Rattan & blue: living room beach house
Hi lovelies, we are currently updating the family beach house look. We can’t do much with space rearrangement since the cottage was prefabricated and it is dangerous to remove walls, but we will do our best.  I use Polyvore and boards in general to check if the items I choose match together. The space should be comfy, functional, minimal and with a beach vibe.

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6 Mantras to improve your traveling experience

I’m always inspired and refreshed by travel, I feel like I set a reset energy button each and every time . This article is inspired by a current trend on social media right now : “Be a traveler not a tourist”. It inspired me to sit down and think about MY way of traveling, wondering if I was a tourist or a traveler. I figured out that I was neither of those and that I am not really on board with this kind of labeling. I am a firm believer in the freedom of each one of us to be  what he is comfortable to be without being judged, of course the articles are not to be taken very seriously, but still. If being a “tourist” is making you happy then be a “tourist” as long as you don’t disrespect the local culture. So here is my 6 rules of making the best out of my travels:



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Jumpsuit & denim urban boho outfit

Jumpsuit & Denim 2

Beautiful quiet Saturday wandering in the secret streets of Les Oudayas Rabat, I have a major competitor and fellow model in one of my pictures ;). Wearing:

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Black & Navy office outfit

Black & Navy office outfit



I will definitely post a real OOTD with this kind of look, Navy and Black combo is one of my go-to outfits. A while ago if you would have asked I would answer that combining black and navy is a fashion faux-pas :))

Summer Sunday breakfast: Apple blueberries oatmeal

Sunday-breakfast- apple-blueberries-oatmeal-2

Breakfast is my favorite meal, especially on the weekend when I can take my sweet time chatting with my husband. Here is one of my recipes. I usually prep the baked apples before to have a sweet snack ready in the fridge when I have a sugar snack attack.

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Favorite yoga You tube channels


I took yoga classes for a year, but after some logistic changes in my personal life I had to stop. I missed yoga since then, especially that I started suffering  from back pain again, and yoga was the only thing that healed for a long-term shot. So I gave yoga YouTube channels a shot. And honestly it is really worth a check.

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Summer Boho Inspo


Summer Boho InspoBrace yourself, I am totally falling to the bohemian gypsy style this summer. It was always a part of me, especially on vacation when I can dress as my self without having to follow any strict dress code whatsoever. This “trend” is perfectly matching my personality and lifestyle as well. It is comfortable, natural and yet fashionable with statement jewelry pieces.


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Office OOTD – Levi’s boyfriend jeans

Boyfriend jeans office OOTD 3

I am working in IT Business, which is more casual than the other corporate businesses. We are allowed to wear jeans and denim… Lucky me 🙂 Sipping my morning lemon water (like I am not aware being photographed…)

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