Young aspiring global citizen living in Rabat – Morocco. I am part corporate part boho, part dreamer part business oriented. I spent a long time thinking about a blog topic, to finally conclude that I don’t have to. Thanks for the Lifestyle blogs now, I can put all the aspects of my life into one website. Why choose? We live in a interesting era with very polyvalent people, so let’s make the most out of it. I don’t pretend to be an expert in any area, I am just here to share. All the opinions and topics in the blog are clearly subjective, I am open to other perspectives of course but all in respect and good manners. To summerize, the main topics I would like to share are: travel, food, fashion, lifestyle, business tips and digital marketing. English is my third language, so please excuse in advance any bad grammar, and don’t hesitate to correct me, this blog is also here to help me improve my English.

I believe in the therapeutic power of writing, having a turbulent mind it helps me get organized and focused. It magically gives more clarity when you put your thoughts, your concerns and your tasks on paper, releasing the mind for more creative space and optimizing the productivity.

So here I am.

My ambition is also to build a community of like-minded people all around the world, sharing the love of love 🙂 travel, well-being, positivism and art. So don’t be shy, please connect with me if you want to share an inspiring story,  give insight or if you have a project in mind.

Thanks with love.