Boho summer Black & White party outfit


I am still on my holiday boho vibe mode, dreaming about Bali second home. I think my subconscious is used to spend summers in Bali now so I have some sort of Bali craving recently, compensating with a part-time beach life in the beach house.

I promised my self to never return to Bali again as a tourist, and that the next time would be for a longer period experiencing the real Bali life. That said, our friends got themselves a pretty beach life as well in Dar Bouazza (Casablanca suburbs) in a beautiful house. We spent a great week-end in their company and I took advantage of the beautiful surroundings to plan a shoot.

This outfit is Bali inspired, I can easily see my self partying in Canggu wearing this (minus the heals, would totally be in flip-flops). Isn’t that indoors background gorgeous, I told you the house is a true gem decorated with taste:

High waist horts: Zara

Top: Stradivarius

Sleeveless dress: New yorker

Bag: Etnika store

Shoes: Call it Spring

Hat: small shop in Paris

Necklace: gift




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