Summer Boho Inspo


Summer Boho InspoBrace yourself, I am totally falling to the bohemian gypsy style this summer. It was always a part of me, especially on vacation when I can dress as my self without having to follow any strict dress code whatsoever. This “trend” is perfectly matching my personality and lifestyle as well. It is comfortable, natural and yet fashionable with statement jewelry pieces.


I like to keep it on the minimal side though, while the total gypsy looks with tons of jewelry, fringes and temporary golden tattoos are pretty on Pinterest and fashion magazines, it is very unpractical to pull off on a daily active life. And honestly a little bit too “new-agy” for me, maybe someday if I attend Coachella :p

Below some inspiration looks and Polyvore boards daydreaming about a bohemian life on an island feeding on mangoes and dancing barefoot.

Let me know what you think of this style, is it a temporary trend or a basic that never dies?


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